First Grade

Mrs. Sherri Slovensky & Mrs. Jenny Spiers



Everyday Math



First Grade at a Glance

Math concepts to work on this year:  telling time by the hour and ˝ hour, practicing basic addition and subtraction facts, writing number stories, counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s to 120, and counting money using dimes, nickels, and pennies.


Week of September 11

We will decompose numbers within 10, find pairs of numbers that add to 10, and counting on to add.

Week of September 18

We will use unit boxes to label objects, solve numbers stories by using the change to more and change to less diagrams, and use number models in addition and subtraction.

Week of September 25

We will find unknown numbers in addition and subtraction number models.  We will take the Unit 2 Progress Check.   We will begin Unit 3:  Number Stories.  We will use diagrams and number models to represent and solve parts-and-total situations and represent number stories with number models and solve them.


Week of October 2

We will explore counting and order by length, and count on a number line to add and subtract.

Week of October 9

We will continue counting on the number line, use the number grid to count and discuss patterns, and solve problems using the frames and arrows diagrams.

Week of October 16

We will count with calculators.   We will take the Unit 3 Progress Check.  We will begin Unit 4:  Length and Addition Facts.  We will discuss length as a measurable attribute, compare lengths.

Week of October 23

We will estimate and measure length of objects, collect data and display on a tally chart, and create a bar graph.

Week of October 30

We will learn about doubles as a strategy for adding and subtracting within 20, record addition facts and use combinations of 10, develop strategies for finding combinations of 10 to add and subtract within 20, and apply properties of operations to add three numbers.


Week of November 6

Week of November 13

Week of November 20

Week of November 27







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