Notes from Mr. Nasir

August 31, 2012

          I think all of us adults know that hard work and dedication toward a goal always pays off in the end.  And when you throw in strong family support and an infectious positive attitude, success is darn near guaranteed.  We have living proof of this concept right here in our very own WMR1 school family.  Those of you that read the Optic probably already know that Kelby Moore, son of Dori and Jeff Moore has been recognized for having raised the Reserve Champion Pen of Meat Rabbits at the Missouri State Fair.  I’m not at all surprised at Kelby’s success; he’s a high quality young man whose family daily demonstrates the value of hard work.  And though I’m not surprised, I am pleased as punch and proud as a barnyard rooster that the fruits of his labor have been duly recognized and rewarded. In the words of his mom, It definitely will be a memory for him and us and a lesson learned that hard work pays off.”

            Recently our school has been the recipient of some very generous donations.  I’d like to thank some of those people responsible.  Mr. Sam Guthrie (Mrs. Murdoch’s dad), the ladies from the Wellsville Christian Church and the Montgomery County Human Resource Council have all donated general school supplies for our kids.  And as I mentioned previously, the Westlakes Hardware store in Mexico gave our ag dept. a pile of seeds and growing pots that Mr. Dameron is already putting to good use.  I know throughout the year our school receives all kinds of donations of goods and services, everything from the local VFW’s donation of flags and honor guard services to the City helping with our parking lot to the Chamber of Commerce getting tickets for our kids for the circus to Chief Daniels and his crew helping us stay safe and secure.  I suppose I should know better than to start listing these types of things because I’ll always unintentionally leave someone out.  Suffice it to say that we as a school are very grateful for all the help and donations that come our way.

            Speaking of donations, the Wellsville Pool will be having a Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, Oct. 6th at the Wellsville Christian Church.  The meal is free but the Pool will be accepting any donation that you’re willing and able to give.  Frankly, even if you can’t make a donation, come on down and enjoy a meal and some fellowship with your neighbors.  Dinner time is 5:00pm.  The Pool is also conducting a raffle that evening for a very nice Mossberg 12ga pump shotgun.  The drawing for this shotgun will be at 7:00pm and tickets for it are available at the Wellsville Dairy Mart.  Any support you can give to the Pool will be greatly appreciated; we’re very lucky to have this facility in our community and only through community support will we be able to keep it open.

            The WMR1 School Board is having a work/study session on Friday, Sept. 7th at 6:30pm to discuss the bond issue.  This is an open meeting so the public is invited.  At this meeting I expect us to be discussing the feasibility of running a bond issue and what we would use the money for.  If the Board makes the decision to run a bond issue I believe I can speak for the Board and say the money will be spent on school “needs” and not school “wants”.  The challenge that the Board will face is prioritizing the needs and making sure that the voters and taxpayers in our district have ample opportunity to provide their input into the process.  After all, this is taxpayers’ money that should be used in the most effective way to benefit the district’s current and future students.

            By the time you read this we will be in the process of making a staff change in our elementary school.  Coach Cox, the elementary PE teacher has been offered a staff coaching position at Hannibal-LaGrange University in Hannibal.  College level coaching has been her career goal all along, the opportunity just came a lot sooner than anyone expected.  She will also have to opportunity to pursue her master’s degree at a greatly reduced cost.  We wish her and her future teams the best of luck.  Mrs. Hamlett and her interview committee have tendered an offer to a very qualified candidate.  We will announce who the new elementary PE teacher is pending their acceptance of a contract and Board approval.

That’s it for this week, folks!

Quote of the Day:

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.

-        B.F. Skinner -